KaratéNo Michi

Senseď Pascal Lecourt International Expert 7th Dan

Visited countries France, England, Germany, Luxembourg, Australia, Israel, Cambodia, Belgium, Portugal, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Holland.

Knowledge is only really useful if it is transmitted

The energy and the spirit of determination, essential in Budo * as in everyday life, are the main sources of the school we follow: "karate is life and life is in karate" said Master Kasé.

Obviously Karate what we are looking for here is more than a sport; it is a noble martial art, a Budo. A philosophy of life emphasizing the spiritual aspect of the practice.

* Budo means "the way of the warrior"

Characteristics of the Kase Ha Shotokan Ryu Karate Do

Budo signifies "The way of the warrior", it is first of all a philosophy of life, putting the accent on the spiritual aspects of practice. To live by a Budo is to seek the spiritual dimension by a daily physical and mental practice aiming beyond technical power, to develop the internal energy in order to stabilise the mind and obtain a clear vision of the world.
Technically Sensei Kase always wanted to develop an authentic way of practising. The Kase Ha School comprises four main breathing principles which in turn branch out into different streams. Coming from the lower part of the abdomen, this particular type of breathing is endowed with a great power of concentration and visualisation leading to the highest development of energy control.
Inspired by Samurai sword techniques, Sensei Kase developed defensive and offensive open handed techniques based on the use of the Samurai’s katana and notably based on Miyamoto Musashi’s "school of two swords".
The Fudo Dashi position we use was initiated by Yoshitaka Funakoshi, it is at the same time, powerful, low, fluid and free. It allows a great stability and a perfect control of the body. This natural position has the advantage of avoiding joint problems or pains (knees, lumbar, etc.) encountered by Zenkutsu Dashi position.
The Hen Te techniques (attacks and/or defence with the same hand) comprising different blocking angles or different "timing" principles in the action which modify the intervention or the initiative according to the different contexts or approaches to kumite.
The many circular movements (Tai no sen) are studied, giving access to full control of the space around us.
The Master had a unique way of dealing all kata. His studies include the aspects: Omote, Ura, Go and Go Ura and their different application systems: Bunkai, Bunkai Kumite, Oyo and Oyo Kumite.
All these characteristics developed by Master Taiji Kase have revolutionised the Karate world over these past few decades and have made this noble art into a formidable means of exploration of our identity. Enabling us to control our energy. Leading us to the limits of human nature, which is the true objective of traditional Budo away. However, this study requires abnegation, courage, patience and strength of soul.
These are all these qualities that characterized the Master.