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The origin of a passion

If he was interested by karate in the early 70s, it is in 1975 that he registered for the first time in a dojo.

Then he will meet Master Kase for the first time in 1976 and follow the man and his teaching until his death in 2004 when, holding his hand on his hospital bed, he accompanied him to his last breath.

Throughout his career as a practitioner and teacher, he remained faithful to him and ... will remain so!

A life of practice

The adventure of Budo is one of the most beautiful ways that man can hope. Because if it structures the man through the technique, it releases it of its constraints when it exceeds it.

It is certainly when the maturity of the artist is reached that Art is revealed.

A story

Illustration of Senseď Kase and Senseď Lecourt
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